5 Tips for a Cornish elopement wedding

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Make it about you - You’re eloping for a reason, a  big wedding isn’t for you and you have both decided to follow a different route. Make sure the whole experience reflects your hopes for the day. The ultimate goal is to celebrate and honour your love for each other. The choices you make at the planning stage are key to achieving this result.

Cost – Big weddings are very expensive, elopements come a lot cheaper, but that doesn’t mean that there wont be costs. You will still need a venue, registrations fees, rings, fancy frock, hair make up, flowers, photography and/or videography, transport, reception and so on.  Decide what you want out of the day and budget accordingly. Although there are some really great solutions to reduce costs Remember you get what you pay for when it comes to

Suppliers - Once you have found your venue then start planning the other external suppliers that will contribute to making your elopement day exactly what you have planned and dreamed of.  Most venues should be able to advise you with a list of tried and tested suppliers that they are happy working with. The venues will have seen many suppliers both exceptional and not so.  This local advice is extremely valuable, listen to it.

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Style – Rock something gorgeous.  do you want your day to have a traditional feel or something more off the wall ? little white dress or Hawaiian shirt and flip flops, pick something special, that reflects you both. You’re only dressing up for each other but make sure you have fun with your look and most importantly feel incredible on your wedding day. Have a look on Pintrest or bridal publications to get ideas. Once you have the main ideas you can then work on details like flowers  and decoration.

Photography – Being a photographer with over 300 weddings under my belt here are my thoughts to make sure you get the best out of your elopement in Cornwall.  Most important, make sure you get on with your photographer; you will be spending most of the day together.  Have a chat on the phone or skype before booking to see if you are a good fit.  Have a good look at the work of suggested photographers, do you want a traditional style or something a little more contemporary. Most Cornish elopements that I cover are couples traveling down to Cornwall to get married so you will need to view the photographers work on their website if you’re travelling down. Make sure you are clear on what you are getting for your money. Discuss timescale for delivery of the finished product, there are many horror stories of people who wait a year for their wedding pics or worse never get them.

Book well in advance to make sure somebody else doesn’t get your photographer.

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